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Dallas, TX

Being the county seat of Dallas County, the City of Dallas is recognized as a contemporary metropolis located in North Texas and is a city brimming with 1,304,379 inhabitants according to its 2020 census. Dallas, a cultural and commercial hub of a large region, experiences a humid subtropical climate which means winters are cool to mild and summers are humid and extremely hot.

Plano, TX

The City of Plano is known to have the warmest month is July and the coldest in January because it is situated in the humid subtropical climate zone. This city is seated in Collin County with a total population of 285,494 as recorded at the 2020 census. Plano is famous for its various museums like The Heritage Farmstead Museum and The Interurban Railway Museum.

Frisco, TX

There are lots of areas that can be a tourist’s favorite spot whenever they visit the wonderful city of Frisco, which has been hailed as the fastest-growing city in the country for many consecutive years. Its 2020 census reports that it has a total of 207,748 inhabitants. Frisco, a part of the humid subtropical region, has the most comfortable climate compared to other cities in its state.

McKinney, TX

With all its wonderful sites and attractions, McKinney is certainly a city to visit during summer. As the county capital of Collin County, it’s hardly surprising that this city has a population of 195,308 people according to the 2020 census.  As a part of the humid subtropical zone McKinney has the coolest month in January and the warmest in July.

Carrollton, TX

Carrollton is a city brimming with exciting outdoor activities and wonderful parks where seasonal events take place; attracting large crowds from different cities around the state. Its vibrant community and comfortable weather conditions make Carrollton one of the best places to live in whether you’re living alone or starting a family and the city is also home to unique shops and restaurants.

Allen, TX

For travelers looking for peaceful activities and places to have fun with the whole family, Allen offers a variety of distinctive destinations. This city’s attractions include upscale shopping centers and a varied selection of arts and entertainment venues. As of 2020, Allen has a total of 104,627 inhabitants and it is also known to have cool winters but long, dry summers.

Wylie, TX

The City of Wylie is also a suburb located in the northeastern suburb of Dallas and as of its latest census results, it is home to 41,427 people. Coming into Wylie, tourists will experience its rainy, mild winters and dry, hot summers due to it being part of the subtropical region. This city is also famous for being the “Onion Capital of the World” where sweet white onions grow in its land.

Richardson, TX

An inner suburb of Dallas, Richardson is popular for being home to The University of Texas and thriving companies that are mostly in the telecommunication field. This city is a cultural center as well and houses a total of 119,469 inhabitants as reported through its 2020 census and although it has dry, hot summers, this does not stop tourists from to flock to the city to enjoy its various events.